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SE Bachinger
  -  Field Notes   -  Panel Moderation – A Closer Look At Life

I had the pleasure and privilege to moderate one of the Virtual Studio Chats offered by the Hyde Colletction in Glens Falls NY as part of my time on the Innovators Council. The theme was “A Closer Look at Life” and featured two artists ; Cortney Gusick, Founder, Pāhiki Eco-Caskets and Yana Hammond, Medical Illustrator + Art Director, The ATLAS Program. This particular chat centered around how the arts and sciences help us better understand the world around us, featuring one artist whose award-winning work supports better health outcomes in this life, and an innovative wood crafter whose eco-friendly creations promote environmental sustainability in the end-of-life space.

As a collaborator with the more-than-human, her work attempts to transmute their material experiences through archive + art. She is interested in exploring and opening spaces for speculative communications between more-than-human agents + humans as a means of presenting alternative perspectives to anthropocentric histories + imagined futures.