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SE Bachinger

Visual Artist | New Materialist

SE Bachinger (formerly Pezdek) is a currently based in Upstate, NY. As a collaborator with the more-than-human, her work attempts to transmute their material experiences through archive + art. She is interested in exploring and opening spaces for speculative communications between more-than-human agents + humans as a means of presenting alternative perspectives to anthropocentric histories + imagined futures. Drawing inspiration from new materialism + eco-feminism – her work is intuitive, process-based, multidisciplinary and site-specific – it has included installation, photography, community art practice, audio/visual, and mixed media sculpture/painting.

Contact Information

Group + Collaborative Exhibitions

2024 (Upcoming)

Jun | “Elegy For A Glacier” Presentation – 2024 FEMeeting – IOTA Institute School of Contemporary Arts Gallery – Ontario, Canada

Jun-Aug | “Elegy For A Glacier” – Earth’s Reflection – International Juried Exhibition – Trolley Barn Gallery – Poughkeepsie, NY

Summer 2024-2025 – “Writing The Land” – Selected artist/poet  – Writing The Land Project + Rensselaer Plateau Alliance, with accompanying residency at Arts, Letters, Numbers – Averill Park, NY

Oct | Select Images From The world’s Oldest Forest – Symbiocene Era: Artists Envision Environmental Symbiosis – Bushel Collective – Delphi, NY

“Our Shared Language Is Silence” – Art/Story Publication with Center For Humans & Nature



Mar | “Leech House Project” select images in collaboration with Ryder Cooley – La Galleria – Every Woman Biennale – New York, NY



Nov | “As Above So Below” – Juried Exhibition – FOMA – Santa Fe, NM

Sep | “Leech House” – Contributing Artist/Collaboration with Ryder Cooley – “Androgyny Series – 2023 Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence Conference – Malta

Sep | “The New Geologic Epoch” – Juried Exhibition & Book – EcoArt Space

Aug | “People and the Planet” – Juried Exhibition – Touchstone Gallery – Washington, D.C

July | “Leech House” – Contributing Artist/Collaboration with Ryder Cooley – Androgyny Series – 2023 FEMeeting Conference – Taos, NM

July | “Leech House” – Contributing Artist/Collaboration with Ryder Cooley – Androgyny Series – Foreland Gallery – Catskill, NY

May – July | “The Art of Handmade” – Juried Exhibition – VCP (Vermont Center For Photography) – Brattelboro, VT

Jan-April | “Critical Forum Alumni Show” – Art Center of the Capital Region – Troy, NY


Dec | “Neither Here Nor There” – Opalka Gallery/APL – Albany, NY


Aug | Perform Festival, Liminal Terrain (Installation), Medoc, France – Accepted Proposal


June | “All Is Safely Gathered In” – Spring Street Gallery – Saratoga Springs, NY


”The Essential”  – Group Show – Aerophobia – Loosen Art Gallery – Rome, Italy


Creative Climate Awards Exhibit – Human Impacts Institute – New York, NY

“Get Small” – Gerard Toussignant Gallery – Palm Springs, CA


‘Dichotomy’ – Series of images, juried selection – BUILT Albany Exhibit – New York State Museum – Albany, NY

Solo Exhibitions


“Phobias” – Geras Toussignant Gallery – Palm Springs, CA

“Transference” – David Hinchen Gallery – Albany, NY


“From The Ashes” – Sorrell Gallery – Albany, NY



Critical Forum, The Arts Center of the Capital District in partnership with the NYSCA Visual Arts Program


Finalist – Creative Climate Awards – Human Impacts Institute

Lectures + Teaching Assignments


Pysanky For Peace – Public workshops – Troy-Albany, Ny | Wenham, MA


Panel Moderator – “A Closer Look At Life” – The Hyde Collection – Glens Falls, NY



The New Geological Epoch – Book – Published by EcoArtSpace


Humana Obscura – Spring/Summer


Humana Obscura – Spring/Summer


Unvaeled Journal – Summer


American Art Collector – May


Current Public Art Projects


Pysanky For Peace


Narrative Terrains



Society For Literature, Science & The Arts (SLSA)


Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies

Innovators Council – The Hyde Collection (2021)

Previous Work

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am deeply inspired by new materialist theory, which challenges our conventional understanding of the world by emphasizing the agency and vitality of non-human kin, as opposed to reducing them to strictly their use value. Drawing upon this framework, my practice revolves around dynamic collaborations between science and art, where the boundaries between disciplines blur and new possibilities emerge.

Working with mixed media allows me to explore the intricate interplay of materials and their inherent properties. By combining traditional and unconventional mediums, I aim to evoke a sense of hybridity and transformation. This fusion of materials serves as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of all matter and highlights the constant flux and exchange within our environment.

Experimental photography plays a crucial role in my artistic process. By employing various techniques such as multiple exposures, photomontage, and alternative printing methods, I challenge the notion of photography as a purely representational medium. Instead, I strive to capture the dynamic forces and energies that shape our reality, revealing hidden layers and revealing the vibrant agency of matter.

Through my sci-art collaborations, I engage with scientists, researchers, and experts from diverse fields. These collaborations provide me with valuable insights and access to cutting-edge knowledge, which I integrate into my artistic practice. By bridging the gap between art and science, I aim to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogues and foster a deeper understanding of our complex world.

My artwork invites viewers to question their perceptual boundaries and embrace a multisensory experience. By immersing them in visually captivating and conceptually challenging environments, I aim to provoke contemplation about our place within the larger ecological network. Through my exploration of new materialist theory, sci-art collaborations, mixed media, and experimental photography, I strive to create a space for dialogue, reflection, and transformation, ultimately inviting viewers to reevaluate their relationship with the material world and imagine alternative possibilities for our collective future.

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