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SE Bachinger
  -  Art   -  Transformations – A Visual Poem Of Ice In A Warming Winter
Transformations was filmed between January 11-13, 2024 on and in collaboration and kinship with Round Lake in Upstate, NY. A changing climate has forced more temperate winters here, there is more rain than snow, and ice on the lake thaws as quickly as it forms.
Temperatures here the past few weeks have been dancing between 40-50°F, and the formations documented in this visual poem, were all gone within days as the water returned to it’s liquid form.
The last time I recall the lake freezing over completely for more than a few weeks was about 7 years ago.
I hope these visual poems encourage and inspire others to find their own paths towards connecting deeply with the natural world that surrounds us, in an effort to recognize our place within these natural systems and awaken a sense of awe, joy, and peace. I hope they carry with them a recognition and understanding of how nature can bring these elements into our lives and serve as a means of forming emotional connections, and in turn, a desire to preserve our planet and our own personal sanctuaries – as we humans embody a strong urge to protect what affects us personally and what we cherish the most.

As a collaborator with the more-than-human, her work attempts to transmute their material experiences through archive + art. She is interested in exploring and opening spaces for speculative communications between more-than-human agents + humans as a means of presenting alternative perspectives to anthropocentric histories + imagined futures.