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TORPOR is an on-going exploration of our species disconnect with the natural world.  Through self-imposed confines, manifested by illusions of progress through the mechanisms of capitalism and toxic technologies, we have isolated ourselves – rendering our beings vulnerable to the effects of a changing climate, exacerbated by our habits of consumption and the erosion of connection to the more-than-human.

Contrary to the fundamentals of New Materialism – which places the human outside of the center, these images center the human within these self-imposed confines – often ignorant to the fragility of our ecosystems or our effects on them. It is only when we choose to release ourselves from these confines and re-establish our bonds with our more-than-human kin, will we have a chance to thrive in reciprocity, heal the wounds of our industrial/colonial histories, and manifest imagined futures .

The box and humans within – were shot on location and not edited/manipulated in post. This series began in 2017.