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Subjective Topographies | A Record of Memories
Visual record of memories of events through my time on this planet. The hand drawn lines  are intuitive and organic, my hand acting as a subjective seismograph Рcreating topographies that are dictated by physical emotions|motions and sensations while submersing myself in each memory through various sensory triggers such as visualization, sounds, taste, and smell. 

No.1 | The Last Drag

Mediums | Sumi Ink, saliva, cigarette ash on paper

No.2 | The Day My Daughter Got Her Drivers License

Mediums | Sumi Ink on Paper

No. 3 | Mater Terra - The Day I Became A Woman

Mediums | Menstrual blood, Hematite (Iron) pigment, Saliva, Water from local stream on Paper