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EdutI :: loS

This project encapsulates the essence of species loneliness, portraying the human form confined within a physical box amidst diverse environments. These scenes symbolize the self-imposed barriers humanity has erected against the natural world, both physically and mentally. The box serves as a poignant representation of our disconnect and interruption from nature, highlighting our obliviousness to the profound impact of these barriers while simultaneously revealing our vulnerability due to our inherent interconnection with the environment.

This disconnect has fostered the erroneous belief that humanity is separate from nature, leading to a mentality that climate change will not directly affect us personally. This project seeks to dismantle such perceptions by presenting art in the form of photographs taken in locations already ravaged by climate change or in urgent need of protection. By offering a new perspective that personalizes the climate crisis, the project endeavors to make the issue more relatable on an individual level, thus emphasizing the imperative for personal responsibility in addressing this global emergency.

These images serve as a catalyst for dialogue, prompting recognition of the individual and collective responsibility required to enact meaningful change. Despite the barriers we construct, we remain interconnected and reliant on nature, necessitating a human-centered solution to this man-made problem. By placing individuals at the forefront of the issue within environments deeply affected by climate change, the project underscores the inescapable reality that this crisis surrounds and impacts us all. Just as we depend on the world around us for survival and flourishing, we are equally susceptible to its destruction.

Art possesses a unique power to evoke emotional responses and spur action. The objective of this series is to compel people to confront the gravity of the situation by understanding the ramification of our disconnection with the more-than-human world. By illustrating that our disregard for this issue ultimately harms ourselves, the project aims to inspire proactive engagement with the urgent need for environmental stewardship.