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Our Shared Language Is Silence

A collection of Petric portraits unfolds, revealing my profound connection with the lithic realm—a bond that has drawn me in since time immemorial. These artworks serve as an intimate exploration of my affection for these enduring entities, which have served as collaborators, muses, and sources of solace throughout my existence. Within this ongoing series, I delve into the depths of my admiration and kinship with these more-than-human beings—custodians of ancient wisdom, enigmatic histories, and the very essence of deep-time itself.

Furthermore, my artistic journey extends beyond individual portrayals, as I embark on collaborative ventures with Petric companions. Together, we delve into the realm of Mixed Media projects, intertwining our energies to create narratives that echo our shared experiences and insights.

In the quiet embrace of stone, a profound attachment is forged—a silent communion that transcends words yet speaks volumes of our interconnectedness with the natural world.